Cynthia Manick

Poet and Storyteller

Cynthia Manick - Poet and Storyteller

Author of Blue Hallelujahs, Curator of Soul Sister Revue, and East Coast Editor of Jamii Publishing

Online Work

“Self-Portrait No. 5 (Phoenix and Lullabies)” Frontier Poetry

Essay "Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live: Poetry & the Body" and poem "What’s Passed Down In The Making"  Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB)

"Praise for Luke Cage's Skin and Starshine" and "10 introvert confessions while trying to bloom in shade"Cosmonauts Avenue

"Baby What's Your Favorite Body Part?" The Shallow Ends

"Tanka Suite on Survival" Joint Literary Magazine

"Urban Tumbleweed" Wildness

"What Little Girls Are Made Of . . ." LA PRESA

"Things I Will Tell My Children About Destiny" Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day Series

"Notes Toward a Poem on Self-Care . . ." and "#45 Vibrations"  Foundry 

"When You Kiss a Smoker," "My Aunt's Secret to Keeping a Man," and "In My Heaven" Nine Mile Poetry Magazine

"I Could Be A Boxer" Hyperallergic

"A Taste of Blue" Academy of American Poets

"The Reaper in Me" Poem of the Moment Mass Poetry

"Message Pulled from a Bottle at Sea," "Rx for Little Black Girls," and "16 Things I Can't Say in This Poem" Public Pool: One Space for All Poets

"Why I Deliver Beasts aka Write Poetry" Easy Street: A Magazine of Books and Culture

"Ode to a Sway" Wall Street  Journal

"In Pursuit of Magic" 92nd Street Y Project

"When You Learn to Be a Lady" Poets House

To the Lady Who Tapped My Shoulder at Lincoln Center" and “What We Push AgainstSaint Ann’s Review

"I Try To Imagine Them Smitten" and "Letter to 1991" Box of Jars

Mind the Gap" and “How A Poet Carries WeightHEArt Online

Dear SupermanCortland Review

Glory the Wide Shore

“I See a Dirt Road Inside Myself” Pedestal Magazine 

“The Migration Series: Little Sister and "Encore at the Blue Note“  The Weary Blues

Pitkin Avenue and Stone”  Up the Staircase Quarterly

“Passing”  Muzzle Magazine     

“Revolution Staccato in B“ Callaloo              

“Tapping at Mama’s Knees”  JDB Records for National Poetry Month

”Ethel September”  Dead Mule School for Southern Literature

I Saw You on the Delta QueenGemini Magazine

“House of Magic Rocks”  Disquieting Muses Quarterly