Cynthia Manick

Poet and Storyteller

Cynthia Manick - Poet and Storyteller

Author of Blue Hallelujahs, Curator of Soul Sister Revue, and East Coast Editor of Jamii Publishing

Poetry Consultations w/ Cynthia Manick

During the month of October, Black Lawrence Press poet Cynthia Manick is offering consultations on poetry collections and folios. The deadline to submit work for this consultation program is October 31. Cynthia will complete her work and respond to all program participants by November 30.

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When reading individual poems I look for the creative spark first. I’m most drawn to poems that inform the reader; the word or line that pulls me into the poem or represents a change in thinking. For me that’s the moment when the poem takes flight. I believe poems should introduce questions, issues, characters, and images; and poets should use all the tools in their toolbox. In the same vein, good poems can reflect conflict and celebrate joy; each represents parts of the human experience. I always think of the poet CD Wright saying “you have deer here, but give me venison” meaning don’t shy away from details that enrich the work. Every poet has a unique voice and I enjoy discovering that voice in the work.