Cynthia Manick

Poet and Storyteller

Cynthia Manick - Poet and Storyteller

Author of Blue Hallelujahs, Curator of Soul Sister Revue, and East Coast Editor of Jamii Publishing

Mother Nature Stays Mad but Poetry Remains

Spring is here and this illustration by Jade Purple Brown is everything. As I write this, it has just stopped raining. I won an award from Woven Tale Press and the prize was a week in the Hamptons. (Submissions open 8/15 to 1015!) I'm sleeping 8 hours a night, avoiding work emails, and catching up on overdue books from the library. Idris Elba is officially married (cue tears) and Game of Thrones is ending but poetry remains. I heard that people are reading more poetry than ever and as we react to the world around us, don't forget to write about flowers, the way the wind moves, and how big a smile can get. Poetry is more than a collection of sad tidings. If we only write about what hurts us, we'll forget to fight for what loves us. xoxo, Cynthia